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How to Write SEO Articles

Rank your website using SEO articles

Although I certainly wouldn’t call this the definitive guide on how to write SEO articles, the following rules have worked very well for me in terms of SEO ranking over the past year or so.  I have written down the rules here for ease of reference and have also answered some common questions.

So first of all what is a keyword?

The keyword is the single word or phrase, usually the latter e.g. “writing critical essays”, that you want Google to rank you for when people type these in to the search box.  This is essential when learning how to write SEO articles.

What does the article have to be about?

It can be literally about anything you want that is relevant, current and interesting.  After all, if you find the topic interesting, the chances are that others in your field (i.e. your customers) will do so as well.  The most important thing is that the article is written in a very high standard of UK English and that you sound knowledgeable about your subject.

How long does the article have to be?

The articles should be at least 500 words in length but they do not need to be much more than this.  So a piece of 500 to 600 words is absolutely fine.  Obviously if you want to write a much longer article that is okay provided that you keep the ratio of keywords within the document correct as per the following rules.  When finding out how to write SEO articles you will notice that Google no longer rank articles of 200-300 words as highly as they used to.

How should the article be set out?

Unlike academic writing, the article does not need to be referenced, which can make quite a nice change.  Each paragraph should be 4-5 lines in length only with one sub-heading for every 2-3 paragraphs.  At the top of the article you should have one main heading which should consist of 3-5 words.  It needs to be this length in order to fit into most website templates.

This is particularly the case with WordPress.  If you look at the home page of this website, just under the rotating pictures, there are 4 categories.  If you were writing for this website, your heading should be the right length to fit over 2 lines in that section, as per the current articles, in order to keep the look and the feel of the website uniform.

How should the keyword be used within the article?

This is obviously one of the most important aspects of how to write SEO articles and also the hardest to get right.  The very essence of the skill of SEO blog writing is to fit the keyword in this many times whilst making it appear natural within the text.  So the keyword should appear as follows:

  • In the main heading
  • In at least 1 sub-heading
  • In the first line of the first paragraph of plain text
  • Overall within the main body, i.e. excluding the main and sub headings, the keyword should appear in 1% of the text.  So in a 500 word article it should appear 5 times, in a 1,000 word article it should appear 10 times.  In a 550 word article it should appear 6 times, plus the main and sub headings as per the above
  • It must appear in the page’s meta description
  • And in the page’s url structure

Are there any tricks to this?

Yes.  There are a number of ways in which you can be creative with the insertion of keywords.  Punctuation doesn’t matter, so you can split the keyword over sentences, for example.  So you could have “… critical essay. Writing can be…” for the keyword “critical essay writing.”  The same is true for commas, semi colons etc.

Are you still unsure of how to write SEO articles?

Then please get in touch with me at [email protected] and I will do my best to assist you with your project.

So now you should have everything you need to learn how to write SEO articles. Happy blogging!


Karen OliverThis article was written by Karen Oliver, Founder & CEO of Critical Essays Limited



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