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PhD Essay Samples

Examples of PhD essays and dissertations

In this section please find below PhD essay samples.. This part of the website will be updated on a regular basis.

PhD essay samples currently available for viewing:

What can you expect from our PhD essay samples?

PhD study is totally different from other levels of study as it extends far beyond an ordinary academic course set by lecturers or a university. At the end of a PhD, the student is expected to have made a contribution of new knowledge to the subject area, becoming an expert in their own right in that particular field.

Whilst there is support from lecturers and other PhD students, the work is primarily organised and managed by the PhD student him/herself. This can be a very exciting but also a daunting prospect as the student will need to justify their chosen topic and remain self-motivated and responsible throughout.

PhD Essay Samples

With this in mind, a useful starting point for a PhD student is to look at examples of PhD essays before they embark upon their research. PhD essays are lengthy, detailed and extremely well laid out. They have excellent structure and illustrations of research backing up their work. Our list of PhD essay samples above will allow you to see how these high standards can be met.

It is the student's own responsibility to decide what type of research they will carry out and how they are going to approach the work. Of course, it is possible to get the opinions of colleagues and your supervisor but largely, a PhD is an independent line of work controlled by the student. This is an unparalleled opportunity to present a new way of thinking, original research or an innovative way of approaching something.

In-depth research is essential, which will often be in the form of primary research created by the PhD student. Supervisors and colleagues will be very busy with their own research and so many PhD students find it highly beneficial to look at PhD essay samples for guidance and motivation.

The work of a PhD student is often presented to other academics, companies as well as at conferences. With this in mind, the work must always be well presented, with flawless spelling and grammar and a clear layout showing the professional manner of the research undertaken. To ensure the layout is appropriate and befitting, a PhD student may consult our PhD essay samples for ideas and inspiration. With a dedicated proofreading and full content editing service also available, there is always help available to add finishing touches to your work and maximize its potential.

How can we help you?

At Critical Essays Limited, we take great pride in the work produced by our writers. Our many available samples show the excellent quality of work that we produce and we ensure each project receives the greatest care and attention.

Our philosophy is based on keeping our customers delighted with the excellence of their finished work, from the moment they first receive it. To achieve this, our experienced writers complete each project with unmatched skill and respect. We are sure you will love the service you receive and find the examples of PhD essays incredibly useful. Customer care is key to Critical Essays Limited and reflected in everything we offer, such as our willingness to make amendments beyond fourteen days after a PhD project is completed.

We understand the care required for longer pieces of work such as dissertations and theses and so we offer a 500-word sample for pieces of 15,000 words and above to ensure you are confident with the way your project is proceeding, once full payment has been made.

With examples of PhD essays available, as well as samples of first and second class Bachelor degree and Masters level coursework, we offer a great opportunity to learn more about the standard expected of you and would invite you to take a look at our other sample pages to view further levels of work.


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