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UG 2:1 Essay Samples

Examples of undergraduate UG 2:1 essays and dissertations

In this section you will find UG 2:1 essay samples. Please click on the options below to view examples of UG 2:1 essays. This section will be updated on a regular basis.

Examples of UG 2:1 essays currently available for viewing:

Politics - Essay - Prime Minister too Powerful?

Philosophy - Essay - Karl Marx vs Hegel

Politics - Dissertation - Who Killed JFK?

UG 2:1 Essay Samples

What can you expect from our UG 2:1 essay samples?

To achieve an essay of 2:1 classification, the work must have a degree of originality and illustrate your argument whilst being strongly supported by detailed research. The work must also show a good knowledge of the subject area being studied and this should be evident throughout the essay or dissertation, as seen in our UG 2:1 essay samples.

Regardless of the subject, the essay will need to contain sources as evidence for your arguments although the nature of these sources can vary widely. It is necessary to explain the reasons why sources were chosen and how they are beneficial to the argument. This information can often be found in a literature review. It is also necessary to interpret the data and to reach appropriate conclusions. This is important for making the data relevant and keeping it within the context of your argument.

A 2:1 essay must be supported by up to date sources, which you must research thoroughly. Our UG 2:1 essay samples show how to include a good knowledge of literature and a wide range of sources throughout an essay to create a strong argument supported by relevant evidence.

The essay must be well structured and the argument must follow a coherent path. It is hugely important in long pieces of work to keep the essay focused on the question and the reader engaged in your argument.

A 2.1 essay requires a robust and varied use of language and excellent spelling and grammar. Sentences must be written with clarity and be easy for the reader to follow. The essay must be clearly presented on the page with full references. Our UG 2:1 essay samples show how to reference work and present it formally.

The essay's conclusion must be relevant to the aims and objectives at the start of the essay. This shows the reader that there is a logical argument to the research and will show evidence of interpreting information.

Finally, it is important to check your work and to have it proofread before you submit. It might be useful to ask someone to help you with this or to hire a proofreading service.

How can we help you?

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Please take a look at our other sample pages to view examples of UG 2:1 essays and samples available for all levels including first and second class degrees, Masters and PhD, before placing your order.


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